Tuesday, August 23, 2011

my brain is on fire...

yes, my brain is onfire. I have been working nostop for several weeks and this weekend I took off and did NOTHING in my studio for 2 days. Washed laundry, actually swept my skanky floor, and went fishin with my family. Yup, it was GOOD. Today, I was mulling over my commissions, the fact I just filled a wholesale order and that took 3/4 of my stock and all that background noise of customer whispers of wishes in my head. My head. It started swishin around, a rumba picked up, changed to a tango, and came out a two-step with earrings in mind, even though I have only metal gauges for pendants. The earring gauge metal is on order, again....see what i mean!

At the local market, I have had a request for more earrings, smaller, light-weight earring for an older, BUT hip clientele....also post earrings. It seems that a post is most comfortable for a damage ear, or an earhole that has,(ahem) been pulled from wearing too heavy of an ear, or that result of living through the '80s big earring era... I also have noticed that those that are purchasing, look at price, and want something that looks expensive at a good-quality price, and turn down anything that smacks of cheap--woot! Seriously, I  get tired of making bread and butter items.

So, serious percolating of coffee and ideas makes for time at this blog to sift and sort... I am humming to these themes:
1. wild, wild, west meets Art/funky
2. hip, rustic-chic
3. tribal, suburban woman
4. Atomic age mod
5.  patina, good gems, and shiny versus matte

So if anyone sees this, what are YOU wanting to dangle in your ears??? OR if you are a designer, what are you contemplating making?
see ya'll

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