Tuesday, June 24, 2014

hey internet...now that it is what, 3 years later, I guess I should do some catching up. Well, I still make jewelry, but no more farm market. I sell on Etsy still under the name metaldreamer and I sell with a great litle gallery in Carson City, NV called Artsy Fartsy. I started playing irish fiddle, about 3 years ago and I have been been a maniac about picking up and learning traditional tunes...then I hauled off and bought a cello this past spring and have been taking lessons from this great guy named Lou Groffman in Carson City. He has me holding the instrument correctly, reading bass clef and all around learning my cello ABC's...so, in my spare time I started plein air painting around the Sierras and into California(mostly when my husband golphs..). I have a triangle of goodness...jewelry, paint, and music. It just doesn't get better than that. i will start adding things on here again:)
 Here are some shots of an 8x10 done at sunset of this little dirt road by my house in Dayton called Fort Churchill road.. the air was crisp, and the sound was quiet, but the color of the light was ablaze, I was sad when my time with the light quit. Sigh, the sun just kept moving even as I furiously stroked the panel. This one was done in under 28 minutes due to that fact. Until next time..have fun out there where ever you are:)