Wednesday, April 21, 2010

flux of the brain, not the bench

Well, I did it. I mailed off applications to shows in California that I have never attended before as a vendor or as a show--goer. I cannot decide if I am of a mood to be hoping yes or no to the jury verdicts. The venues sound like places I would just love to visit, BUT are they profitable?? Dunno.

This season is all about exploration, and pushing that envelope. It has been years since I did retail, and my brain is all aflutter about new concepts to create. My calender is in a constant state of change, taking on new shows in new places. So, everything old is new again or is it just confusing? There. Bezeling up some opals now seems rather comforting compared to actually sorting out my head this day....thank goodness everyone else in my household has concrete schedules to hang onto!