Friday, March 13, 2009

out of the box

Morning all,

I went to a knitting group this past Wednesday to check it all out. The ladies were hilarious and the knitting was really more fun than I anticipated. I had not really done this craft before and thought branching out might help with my jewelry brain to take a sidestep and loosen up a bit. Well, I got tangled up in my thread, met really neat people, and sold jewelry??? If you make jewelry, most of us wear it too and I did. My favorite pair of earrings were yanked out of my ears and passed around and felt of ;it was off from there. I really did not do it on purpose, sometimes you do, other times you don't. Well, this particular day sent me home with a handful of custom orders and a bashful gratitude. I also came home with a new potholder that I felt more than proud of--I actually untangled my thread-yahoo.

So, get out of your studio a little and try a new craft/hobby. It might lead you to a new way of thinking, new people, and hey, maybe, right back to your studio in a roundabout way. Getting out is fun!