Wednesday, June 23, 2010

traveling to jewelry shows

I was traveling to Marin Art Festival last weekend and had to drive by Lake Tahoe on my way there from my house. Wow, every time I see that water it blows my mind at how truly BLUE it is. Driving to these shows really helps to blow the cobwebs out of my mind and relax my show jitters somewhat. All the preparation of making bunches of jewelry pieces, the packing of the truck hassels, grabbing paperwork for sales tax, etc... just melts away looking at scenery like this. Thank goodness for my sanity!! This week I am only driving 30 minutes away to the local downtown farmer's market in Carson City, NV. I just love it there under my oak tree. Tomato vendor on one side and a glass artist on the other. Well, that is another day and another post. Bye now,

Friday, May 28, 2010

Rings and re-sizing

Rings. I have been having an absolute blast making them lately. Used to shy away from them because of resizing. I asked an opinion of other jewelers on Flickr about resizing and rings and received helpful advice. Everyone on Flickr is just so nice. So, the helpful advice I shall pass on was as follows:

1.Set the stone AFTER the ring is sold, and photograph the stone just sitting in the mounting. No resizing necessary.

2. Hammer up to the size needed. Make sure the ring shank is thick enough to accomodate hammering.

3. Leave one end of the shank open in the design. This makes the ring multi-sized.

These were the best three. All in all there was much to consider for the next few rings on my bench.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

flux of the brain, not the bench

Well, I did it. I mailed off applications to shows in California that I have never attended before as a vendor or as a show--goer. I cannot decide if I am of a mood to be hoping yes or no to the jury verdicts. The venues sound like places I would just love to visit, BUT are they profitable?? Dunno.

This season is all about exploration, and pushing that envelope. It has been years since I did retail, and my brain is all aflutter about new concepts to create. My calender is in a constant state of change, taking on new shows in new places. So, everything old is new again or is it just confusing? There. Bezeling up some opals now seems rather comforting compared to actually sorting out my head this day....thank goodness everyone else in my household has concrete schedules to hang onto!