Monday, July 4, 2011

Market Days--WOOT!

morning out there,

yeah, I have been busy again. I finished up all my California spring shows and two saturdays ago started my summer Farmer's Market at 3rd&Curry St. in Carson City, Nevada. I absolutely adore my Market...yummo produce and just the nicest folks. I have to say, part of the appeal is my Elm tree(i set up under it every year) and my charming customers. I nosh on fresh cherries and ice water, (its arid up here) and talk ninety to nuthin with everybody. It is great to get out of my little studio and do nothing but talk and sell and listen. That last one is actually kinda important. I am having to write down all my "remember this" stuff each week. We have a nice mix of locals and summer visitors/tourists to the area. I am starting to have regulars from previous summers that want a companion piece to previously purchased items, and orders for resizings of rings, could this be in this color of stone please, and do you have blah blah....hey! I am turning into the local jeweler under the tree, chuckle, that just makes me laugh every time i think that actually. I love that I can combine making stuff with the smell of fresh strawberries and coffee brewing(i am down-wind of these vendors) with hearing live acoustic music from whomever the market decides to highlight that week.

So, that is summer currently. I work on Etsy commissions, and stock for the market during the week and sell on Saturdays. Life is good!

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