Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tudor Jewelry

I have been recently catching up on a gorgeously filmed show The Tudors. Wow, all that very yummy jewelry. I know it is not exactly correct for the period, BUT as a jeweler who cares when it sparkles! I think David Yurman must have felt the same if you look at his renaissance inspired pendants....

I felt inspired by all of that glitter to look at what the court actually wore as well as the peasants, hey, they decorated too. Compared to our streamlined ways, the peasants were quite ornate. So I included a link to tudor jewelry in the title of this post(just click the actual title) for those that would like to examine what jewels were used where and why. Fun reading and inspirational for sparking a new jewelry design or two for your own horde. Let me know if you go... also show me what inspires you or what you might create that comes from another era.

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