Thursday, January 20, 2011

oop, its been awhile again. The past few months have been an absolute blur of shows and making jewelry. I always look forward to January and a break. The first few weeks are down time so that my brain remembers how to function. Well, I am rebooted, and starting to climb out of my rabbit hole.
I have been cutting ammonites in preparation for when the ideas start zinging in. The above shot is my basic styles for 2011. It is VERY hard to make simple when I have lots of colored stones hanging around ... but I did it. Someone always wants just a plain, simple earring and there they are. These have solid backs and are still lightweight enough to wear all day. I like 'em.
Have a great day out there everybody, and I am off to do that exercise thing and practice a couple of new fiddle tunes. See ya,

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