Tuesday, November 11, 2008

effective design and the doodle

Every morning I have a to-do list for my bench work. Also, every morning I sit in front of my computer and, well, doodle. I have sketch books full of ideas, I have a catalog of production work, and yet that white computer paper sucks me in. I sip my coffee, surf, and doodle. It is very much like autonimous writing, except it is images instead of words. I design better if my brain is engaged with something else. How many of you out there do the doodle? How do you design the most effectively?


pmgart said...

Well my creative moments are when I can sit outside on the porch or in the garden with our dogs rambling around, smoke as much as I want (bad..) and just drawing away my mind completely empty forgotten about everything or on the contrary thinking about really big things, like the birth of the universe or the possibility of previous human civilizations millions of years ago etc.. I like to draw very simple shapes or intricate filigree like lines. These almost never turn into jewelry though. But meanwhile a few ideas emerge, and I make few sketches about them. Most of them later - when I start making them - turns out pretty awkward or technically impossible (for me at the moment anyways), but some of them will evolve into something that I like.
I think the common strait is that we need to let our minds free if we want to create something.

Contrariwise said...

Somehow doodling never seems to work for me. The designs I doodle don't seem to look good in real life. Maybe I just don't have enough experience.

What works for me is sitting there with the metal and supplies in my hands. Somehow the designs then seem to create themselves.

I love your stuff. Please keep blogging!

metaldreamer said...


hi there! I follow your blog, and it so cool! Anyway, you have plenty of experience. Some folks just come at designing a little more directly. When silver was 6.00 an ounce i just went at it with less trepidition than at 20.00 an ounce. Thank goodness prices are going down again. Also, I think it is a personality preference. Hands on, or mental hands on so to speak. well happy hammering