Saturday, November 29, 2008

brain snarl

Hey there,

I have been bombarded by the season of Christmas. Every year at this time I take a deep breath and do not get to come up for air until March 1. I prepare and have my supplies, stones, silver, etc... I make extra pieces in the summer months, and STILL.... anyway what hurt my head was dealing with wholesale and retail. I am a Libra and like things balanced and my scales tipped over; ergo no blogging whilst I righted my ship. It occurred to me that others go through this as well and might have their own take on how to balance.

I had a slow spell retail wise, so I went out to peddle my wares at the local shops in the area. I visited 18 stores and waited. Four days later to my pleasure, two stores decided to purchase outright and I had 4 others that said come back after Thanksgiving. Wonderful. Well, this coming weekend I have a retail show that needs mondo amounts of stock. Great, except I just sold a significant amount of pieces this past week. STILL no problem, I was estatic to be working.

As I sat down to the bench to work, I zoned out making bezels and realized I wanted to expand my wholesale line. I am going to BMAC(Baltimore Market of American Craft) for the first time this February. I have done wholesale before, but this economy makes it a whole new ball game and I want to plan for all scenarios. Remember, I am supposed to be working on making enough new pieces for my show this coming weekend, and not pondering the ether.....

Next thing I know, I have paper and pencil drawing out designs, configuring my booth, making lists of things that need to go to BMAC instead of just making my pieces for the Christmas show. I pulled myself up short and realized what i was doing---procrastinating. Arggghhh I hate it when I don't do the task at hand. I got over myself and grabbed some metal and stones and got cracking.

The moral of this little rant is, "the best made plans of mice and men" don't always make pretty jewelry. I had too many things on my mind and it created mediocre pieces. I made designs I had previously made before instead of pushing for more, and better. I let the economy talk filter into my hands and made cheaper designs. Instead of twisting metal; I twisted my head.

Alright, I leave the floor to all of you. Do you have brain snarls? Do you contemplate things better left to another time while working? What are you solutions?

have a better post turkey day,
the demented jeweler

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Cristina Hurley Jewelry Design said...

Oh, Yes, do I ever. But you know, if something is on my mind, even if I have other things to do, lets say an order, and a new piece is on my brain, I work on the new piece. Sometimes I end up staying up late to finish the order, but the design gets out of my mind the RIGHT WAY. I think the creative side does that to you, and to that I say, go with the flow. If you force things to be done, like your stock, what ends up happening is what you say ended up happening. Does that make sense?
Good luck in Baltimore....